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Herondale Avenue, London

Green Living

Working in partnership with One-World Design Architects, we designed an exterior and interior lighting scheme to illuminate the dual-vaulted roof extension of this property in Earlsfield, southwest London.

Realising the architect’s vision of bringing the exterior straight into the home by harnessing biodiversity, the lighting scheme creates permeability between the garden and open-plan living area and brings contrast and drama to the overall design.

The property’s impressive double-height curved roofs flood the interior with natural light in the day and form an eye-catching feature when illuminated at night. Concealed lighting within the structure of the roof preserves views from inside and outside, and full scene-setting controls allow the scheme to be fully illuminated to highlight the architectural form, or subtly lit for an intimate ambiance.

Running from the garden into the interior living space, the green wall feature is a strong visual link between the two areas. Discreet uplights along the living wall softly illuminate the foliage and bring continuity to the design; inside, the greenery has been lit from both above and below to create an impressive focus area.

Elsewhere in the open-plan living area, the verticals were illuminated to create a bright backdrop to make the space feel light and welcoming. Adjustable spotlights were strategically placed within the roof to provide accent lighting above the kitchen island, while preserving the clean lines and curved shape of the architecture. The lighting scheme in the kitchen continues with a mix of miniature downlights and integrated lighting within the joinery to illuminate functional areas and highlight the high-specification materials, such as the island unit’s beautiful timber finish.

Images © Charlie Round-Turner

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


Martina Alagna


Phil Copland


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