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Architectural Lighting Design Residential Extension Kitchen Living Space Dual Vaulted Roof Indoor Outdoor Living Wall Designers Nulty

Herondale Avenue, London

Green Living

The architectural lighting scheme for this residential renovation and extension in southwest London reveals two standout features in very different ways.

For the lush living wall that runs straight from the garden into the interior living space, discreet uplights softly illuminate the planting and bring continuity to the design. On the inside the greenery is also lit from above to create an impressive, natural focal point.

Next up is the extension’s curved roofs that form an eye-catching feature when illuminated at night and flood the interior with natural light in the day (perfect for a green wall). Concealed lighting in the structure safeguards views from inside and outside, and scene-setting controls allow the scheme to be fully illuminated to show off the architecture, or subtly lit for a more intimate feel.

Elsewhere in the open-plan living space, vertical surfaces are illuminated to create a bright backdrop – making the space feel light and welcoming. Strategically placed adjustable spotlights in the roof provide accent lighting above the kitchen island, while not interfering with the clean lines and curved shape of the architecture. The lighting scheme in the kitchen continues with a mix of miniature downlights and integrated lighting in the joinery to illuminate functional areas and highlight high-specification materials, such as the island unit’s beautiful timber finish.

This property has featured in Bricks & Mortar as an example of how lighting can link a garden to inside living space.

Images © Charlie Round-Turner


The use of infinity mirrors to extend the perception of the arched ceilings further into the house. And the green wall of course - it makes the space unique and the user feel part of nature.

— Ellie Coombs

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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