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FitnGlam Reformer Pilates Architectural Lighting Design Consultants Nulty Dubai Banner


A vision of empowerment

FitnGlam, The Women’s Superclub, is new to the UAE wellness and fitness landscape. Its newest opening, located in the Dubai Hills, provides women with an exclusive backdrop to feel empowered. From working up a sweat, to getting pampered in the spa, the gym has it all – created by women for women.

There was a balance to strike between motivational fitness zones and relaxing wellness spaces and so the team created a multidimensional lighting response designed to be an expression of the two dynamics.

The mirrored tunnel leading gymgoers from the reception to the heart of the gym is nothing short of energetic. Coloured linear neon strip lights, interspersed between mirrors, ignite an illusion of infinity. The alternating colours are reflected in the mirror so that the tunnel bursts with bright luminous light, creating a vibrant corridor that allows for endless Instagrammable moments.

The gym is strengthened by a series of linear profiles of a cool, white colour temperature, suspended underneath a decorative mesh ceiling fixture. Creating a 3D effect, this subtle exercise of light indirectly, yet universally illuminates the equipment below, encouraging users to feel energised and motivated.

The Reformer Pilates Studio is a far cry from the intensity of the gym. A gentle glow is emitted from coves ensconced in the ceiling; they’re balanced with a warm wash of light that floats upwards from integrated sources placed behind the studio mirrors. The interplay between these layers creates an immersive quality of light suitable for a strengthening Pilates workout.

Ambient lighting in the changing rooms provides a relaxing hue for visitors to unwind in. The indirect glow from recessed perimeter lighting sets a rejuvenating tone. Elongated halo mirrors, radiate warm, flattering light ensuring that gymgoers can get the perfect gym selfie.






The lighting is very dynamic, creating a sense of empowerment throughout the gym.

— Eline Maftoum

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