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Amano Hotel Covent Garden Integrated Linear Glow Layered Illumination Pendants Clean Lines Architectural Lighting Design Consultants Nulty

Hotel AMANO Covent Garden

Clean lines and modern materiality

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, London, the newly opened Hotel AMANO is the first international hotel from Berlin-based hotelier AMANO Group. Surrounded by some of the world’s finest theatres, shops and restaurants, this exclusive hotel represents high-quality design, distinctive concepts, and a feel-good atmosphere.

We developed a layered lighting scheme to complement AMANO’s clean lines and modern materiality, designed to elevate the hotels neutral palette and accentuate eye-catching design moments found throughout.

Upon entering the hotel, guests are immediately greeted by a shimmering lighting installation by global architecture studio Woods Bagot. We balanced the architectural light levels surrounding the feature piece by pairing discreet downlights with floor and table lamps, creating a run of warmth that softens the space.

A textured feature wall is grazed by linear light to highlight the metallic metalwork inlay, pulling guests down to the AMANO Bar. The area has a dark palette, with layers of light conjuring a dusky ambiance that amplifies the sensation of being underground. By subtly illuminating characteristics within the space, the eye is only drawn to what calls to be seen, the exquisite marble bar, brass accents, and captivating artwork.

Narrow beam downlights cast precise pulls of light onto tables, generating a sense of privacy within the small pool of illumination – allowing visitors to fall into a world of their own within the hustle and bustle of the bar setting.

The AMANO Rooftop Bar deliberately showcases a scheme conscious of glare and reflection in the glazing. The lighting design has been kept minimal to pull light into the centre of the space and no lighting elements exist above the eyeline to ensure those stunning views of London are kept clear and visible. Uplighting can be found behind the banquet seating, and low set table lamps offer a convivial glow whilst capturing the brass materiality found throughout AMANO.

Each of the 141 guestrooms hold a lighting scheme that adds warmth to the hospitality environment. A combination of integrated downlights and discreet lighting behind the headboard generates cosy layers of light. Indirect illumination of the verticals highlights the detailed gold finishes, elevating the room to give a sense space, encouraging the notion of luxury.

The considered guest bathrooms have decorative diffuse wall lights at face level. These sconces frame the face, ensuring that guests have the necessary light levels to allow for effective shaving and make-up application.

Images © John Athimaritis

Project Team

Gary Thornton


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