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Retail Lighting Design Ceiling Strategy Wooden Slats White Raft Detail Merchandise Nulty

C&A Bern, Switzerland

Moving with the times

A new LED lighting scheme has injected spirit and vibrancy into this high-street retailer, and forms part of a design rollout across Europe. It brings the C&A brand up-to-date, giving customers a shopping experience that feels current and high-end.

The flagship’s lighting solution is considered, practical and fun, as well as low-energy, cost-effective and sustainable.

Starting with some fun, a staircase has been enveloped with lines of light – it’s a playful and energising introduction to the lower level, encouraging shoppers to head downstairs. The attention of passers-by is also caught by a custom light sculpture in the entrance, which flows down the escalators and into the lower-ground retail space.

A white, dropped raft ceiling outlines retail areas and houses troughs with track-mounted spotlights to highlight the merchandise. Wooden ceiling slats work alongside the white detail, breaking it up, and conceal spotlights and lines-of-light, which add a touch of edginess. Around the perimeter, walls are bathed with light for depth and interest, and to enhance the trendy vibe.

To achieve a different atmosphere in each department, spotlights were used with a range of beam angles. For example, narrow beams create high contrast for an urban feel in menswear and denim, whereas wider ones create a softer experience in lingerie and womenswear.

Project Team

Amruta Haval


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