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Amruta Haval

Amruta Haval


As our in-house philosopher-cum-psychologist, Amruta sorts us all out and gets us back on track when we’re feeling flustered or irritated. Her ability to stay focused through myriad distractions and pressures is inspirational, and she’s always reminding us that – regardless of what else is going on – if we concentrate on doing good work, everything else will fall into place.

Amruta has very much been a calming influence on the rest of us loopy lot, and she’s keen to extend that to her design work too: her dream is to work on some of the temples in southern India, lighting them up in a way that enhances their beauty while retaining the sense of spirituality and peace. In the meantime, she’s quietly working away on some of our biggest, most ambitious projects.

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Chiaroscuro – the art of light

The exhibition “Beyond Caravaggio” finished up at the National Gallery last month, but before it did I made an effort to go along and see it. It was fantastic, but the main thing I took away from it was inspiration…

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