The Dark Art of Light Series

The Dark Art of Light is an online series created by Nulty that outlines the key principles of lighting design when approaching a residential project. The series is made up of five easy-to-understand videos – kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and garden – that provide inspiration and suggestions for those looking to broaden their understanding about residential lighting.

Each five-minute masterclass offers a step-by-step guide that breaks down the creative process to reveal the layers and hierarchy of lighting design that are key to a well-balanced scheme. By providing a template for each space within a home, Nulty demonstrates how task, accent, ambient and feature lighting techniques bring character and depth to each area.

I am delighted to present the Thai Edition of the series on our YouTube channel here. The series is also available to watch below – Episode 1: How to light your kitchen starts right after the short trailer.

We are really excited to share the tutorials on how to light your home with our design community here in Thailand. We hope you find them insightful and interesting!

The Dark Art of Light series is also available in English on Nulty’s YouTube channel here.