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Eline Maftoum

Eline Maftoum


Eline is our resident problem solver. It doesn’t matter what’s thrown her way, she’s always there with her sleeves rolled up and a smile on her face ready to find a solution. But then she is an adrenaline junkie and wouldn’t think twice about stepping into the ring for a bout of Muay Thai or falling out of a plane at 13,000ft.

Back on the ground, Eline spends her day as a senior designer making sure that projects are beautifully designed, thoroughly reviewed, and well-coordinated with the wider design team and project stakeholders. If she had to pick a favourite bit of the job it would be the concept stage – the brainstorming, designing with her team, and presenting to clients (which she’s incredibly good at).

Eline brings a daily dose of positivity to the office with her glass-half-full outlook and is a valued mentor thanks to her lighting design know-how, calm demeanour, and commendable levels of patience.

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