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Suspended Lines Light Installation Atrium Showpiece Luxury Retail Store China Consultants Nulty

Youngor, Wuxi, China

A Fashion-Forward Flagship

A zigzag patterned glass façade washed with warm light forms a “glowing box” to make Youngor’s first flagship store stand out from the crowd. Things are just as fabulous on the inside too, with a lighting scheme that works with design agency Campaign’s contemporary and elegant interior to bring a new, refined identity to the Chinese fashion brand.

Clustered suspended lines of light fill the triple-height atrium – the installation looks amazing and provides the right level of functional light, meaning no further lighting intervention was needed. Golden brass arches work as windows to the space and tiny uplights emphasise their architectural curves and material quality. Ceiling luminaires add drama to the back of the atrium by punching light onto stylishly dressed mannequins that command a stone staircase.

To “unite” Youngor’s five brands under one roof (for the first time) the lighting solution has a continuous and clean ceiling strategy – the result is a holistic retail environment. Ambient cove lighting picks up the vertical surfaces for visual interest and depth, whereas flexible track spotlights around the perimeter focus on the merchandise and adjustable downlights pick-up mid-floor displays.

The lighting scheme in the VIP area shows off the beautiful textures, and a cooler colour temperature complements the sumptuous turquoise-blue palette. In this area and throughout the department store, decorative elements, such as floor-standing lamps and wall lights, add an elegant and relaxed domestic feel.

The latest LED technology ensures high colour rendering and colour consistency throughout to enrich a retail destination that’s been designed and executed beautifully.

Images © Campaign 


The VIP corridor. The way the lighting plays with the textures makes it look like a piece of art.

— Daniel Blaker

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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