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VIVI Restaurant & Bar, Centre Point

Illuminating an Icon

Love it or hate it, Centre Point is a London landmark. With a recent revival under its belt, the development now includes a flagship restaurant that spans the architecturally interesting “bridge link”, which has floor to ceiling windows.

VIVI has four distinct dining and bar areas, with an interior that’s inspired by the 1960s – the decade in which Centre Point was built. The interior lighting scheme showcases the eclectic material palette, and uses layers of illumination to transform the space from bright and airy during the day, to intimate and sophisticated at night.

A key part of the lighting design involved preserving the expansive views. To do this the lighting solution includes lots of concealed light sources to counteract unwanted reflections on the vast glass facade. Yet there’s one lighting element that’s not hidden: the standout chandelier made from layers of coloured plexiglass and brass that helps define the central dining area.

Other lighting details that work with the interior symmetry include two subtly illuminated private dining booths, which sit either side of a timber backdrop embossed with a large highlighted “VIVI”. Intricate chain mail curtains surround each booth and are accentuated by a wash of light, while inside, bronze pendants add to the intimacy.

The interior design is full of rich textures and this is where the lighting works its magic. The elliptical bar is a perfect example: integrated light under the countertop elevates the texture of the repetitive geometric shapes, playfully altered for an uneven relief, to create contrasting tones of light and shadow.

Images: © FRENCH+TYE


The strong narrative of the restaurant. It's been perfectly executed, and no detail has been left unturned.

— Daniel Blaker

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