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The Ritz-Carlton, Astana

A Desirable Destination

The Ritz-Carlton is open for business in Kazakhstan’s capital along with its renowned “Gold Standards”, setting a new hospitality benchmark across the city. Located in Talan Towers, the prestigious hotel has found the ultimate home in the high-end, mixed-use development.

Up on the third floor is MÖKKI, an all-day dining restaurant with a stunning feature ceiling – the dropped timber fin canopy stems from columns to form the organic pattern. The architectural lighting scheme complements the statement piece through carefully positioned luminaires in the soffit (above the canopy), which graze light across the fins for a dappled effect.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, the lighting solution works with the ceiling’s architecture. Surface-mounted spotlights nestle within a bronze trough that cuts through an otherwise architecturally clean ceiling, complemented by a suspended rail with adjustable spotlights, which drops from the same detailing to provide a focus along the continuous marble counter, drawing the eye through the space. And, for added visual interest throughout, high-level uplighting creates a subtle perimeter horizon.

The Selfie restaurant and bar on the 18th floor have a very different feel: dark, sleek and sophisticated. The lighting intervention is purposely refined, to reinforce the high-end interior and not interrupt the views. By using high contrast the lighting creates a moody, ambient space. It picks up on the fine finishes and rich textures, and creates pockets of light – this was achieved by using trough details to accentuate columns and stonework, integrated lighting in the bar’s joinery and decorative pendants suspended over selected seating areas for intimacy.

The lighting scheme continues throughout the hotel, from the conference centre and public amenities to bedrooms, suites and residences, complementing the luxury hotel’s elegant and refined interior.

Images: © G GARDNER


The collaborative process of working with the two design teams Blacksheep and Richmond International, and the passion and hard work that everyone put into the project.

— Daniel Blaker

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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