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Poiret, Seoul

Laying Foundations

For the new Poiret boutique in Seoul, we worked closely with retail design consultant John Field to realise his vision of a sophisticated retail experience that can be easily rolled out across new locations.

The layered lighting scheme works in harmony with the mirrored ceiling (not as easy as it sounds), focuses on the merchandise and provides a flattering yet true-to-life setting for clients by using light sources with the best colour rendering capabilities – very important when colour matching skin tone and foundation.

It was essential to keep the reflective feature ceiling as clean as possible, so small discreet downlights were used only where necessary – for example, above display units to create a twinkling effect on the merchandise and provide functional illumination. Layers of light were then introduced at a lower level through decorative pendants and the careful integration of light in joinery and architectural details.

Light sheets within cabinets and shelving provide a seamless glow and eye-catching accent, whereas lines of light concealed in floor-to-ceiling slats create a wash of vertical illumination that supplement ambient light levels. In the VIP lounge, a linear recessed uplight draws the eye through the store to the beautifully finished gold wall that is adorned with illuminated display boxes.

At the cosmetics testing areas, where clients can take a seat to try products, dynamic vertical illumination integrated into the mirrors eliminates shadows and can be adapted to suit different skin tones.

Images courtesy of John Field 

Project Team

Daniel Blaker


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