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Juicy Couture, Regent Street

Hello Hollywood

London’s world-renowned Regent Street is a great place to start if you’re looking to open a new flagship store. Strewn with architectural splendour it’s no surprise this famous retail brand decided to make it home.

Our lighting design brief was to reflect the brand’s updated look, highlight couture elements, retain its Hollywood style and create an integrated scheme where the boundary between the interior architecture and lighting were blurred. So we set to work on what was a fast-paced project to get the job done.

We used layers of light to add ambience and integrated LED lighting into bespoke furniture and joinery to make sure things were seamless. Behind the cash desk a pink taffeta curtain created a bold backdrop for an even bolder neon Juicy Couture logo, while plaster palm trees were illuminated by floor-recessed uplights to express the decorative moulding.

The icing on the cake was the spectacular, oversized chandelier generously scaled to suit the double-height space. It’s dripping with crystals and definitely gives the store the “jewel box” feel the client was after.

Photography © Nick Guttridge



Has to be the fabulous changing rooms; spacious, sumptuous and above all flattering! Yes, you did hear me right: flattering, need I say more girls.

— Ellie Coombs

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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