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Hard Rock Hotel, London

Instrumental use of light

It’s not every day you get to light up Freddie Mercury’s first-ever piano. But that’s what we got to do as part of our lighting solution for Hard Rock Hotel. This piece of memorabilia is one of many items displayed in glass cases, which we illuminated with small adjustable spot and halo lights.

Moving on from the likes of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar and Ed Sheeran’s shoes, the ground floor continues to wow, boasting several feature installations. The first one to greet guests is a blast of sensory stimulation. Made up of brass panels and rods, mirrors, pendants and rectangular light sheets, we made sure the fractured graphics not only look good but also provide the right light levels when moving from the lobby to the reception area.

Above the centrally located bar a huge installation resembles a “master disc dropping into a record player” – fins radiate from the middle and 2000 LED nodes provide illumination and striking patterns (from sparkling stars to pulsing chevrons). The music theme continues over the reception desks, where a custom drumstick light feature creates a sparkling check-in experience. Echoing this feature, narrow suspended pendants at the concierge desk and lift lobby catch the eye, acting as a kind of way-finding as well as boosting light levels.

In the Hard Rock Cafe area, the lighting design had to accommodate different mood and illumination needs. Dynamic lighting in the coffered ceilings provides warm light during breakfast and brighter, cooler light temperatures later in the day, and built-in table lamps around banquettes add a cosy feel.

Finally, for the “Rock Royalty” we helped ramp up the glamour in the VIP lounge by installing frosted globe pendants that are reflected in the ceiling’s faceted mirrored panels, giving the illusion of lots of shimmering light. And in the “Rock Shop” the lighting is easily adjustable to meet retail needs, while also adding a sense of fun and boldness.

Images: © James French

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