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Festival Plaza, Dubai

A one-stop shop

Festival Plaza is a local-lifestyle destination that’s focused on end-user convenience. Be it a BILLY bookcase from Ikea (the largest in UAE) or a nice new outfit, a gardening workshop or a fancy evening meal, Festival Plaza has it covered.

In partnership with the architect, we delivered a sustainable and energy-efficient lighting scheme for the interior and exterior sections of the mall in Jebel Ali Village, focusing on a design solution that’s welcoming, vibrant and functional.

Different layers of light create a visible hierarchy through contrast and improved composition. The first layer provides uniform illumination, perfect for functionality and wayfinding, via a combination of linear lights, downlights and wall-washers. The second layer provides the vertical illumination, highlighting the walls to add volume and grazing the facade fins for a floating effect. The third and final layer creates a focal point out of the ceilings with a curved formation.

A lighting control system inside the mall provides the client with flexibility and ensures that the artificial lighting is balanced with the daylight. By controlling the quantity of light, optimum levels can be maintained to meet the energy-efficient mandate.

Diffused general lighting combined with accent lighting highlights dramatic details and finishes, particularly surrounding the outside space. The facade boasts a modern, angular design that has been highlighted with careful application of wall-washing and discreet luminaires. The focus was to display the variation in architectural elements and tie them all together through the lighting.

Images © Chris Goldstraw Photography

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