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Architectural Lighting Design Modern Sleek Reception Space Seating Glass Display Cabinets Integrated Light Dubai Hills Golf Club Nulty

Dubai Hills Golf Club

Teeing up another lighting winner

This championship golf course needed a lighting scheme for the clubhouse that was on par with the sleek architecture and stylish interior design. Natural light fills the large reception area and the Hillhouse Brasserie so the brief required the artificial light to provide a seamless transition from day to night, which we achieved by carefully balancing light levels throughout.

In keeping with the reception’s smooth lines, luminaires were hidden in ceiling troughs – meaning visitors experience the light, not the fixtures. The glass retail units and trophy displays do however require attention so cove lighting framing the edges of the cases illuminates them, and hidden track-mounted light fixtures inside highlight the contents. The clean ceiling design continues in the Hillhouse Brasserie and large pendants were introduced to add a decorative interest, no matter what time of day.

Heritage mixed with frivolity creates a different mood in the Duck Hook Bar (named after the troublesome, off-target golf shot) so here we used light to add to the drama. For instance, dedicated picture wall lights make sure playful paintings of ducks aren’t missed, and luminaires unabashedly run on tracks in a white trough to divert the eye from the exposed services within the dark ceiling.

Across all three spaces of the Dubai Hills Golf Club we integrated ambient light into joinery and concealed accent lighting under the bottom edges of the welcome desk, bar and seating to provide a soft under glow, giving a sense that the pieces are slightly hovering – especially at night.

Images © Alex Jeffries Photography 

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