Meet Paul and Mark

Our Founder Paul Nulty and Managing Partner Mark Vowles outline Nulty’s approach to lighting design and their plans for the Bangkok studio.

This year sees us celebrate our ten-year anniversary with another busy year working with clients across Asia, the UAE, Europe and North America to champion the importance of lighting design. Our studio has grown from a small core team to a 50-strong network of experienced lighting designers based in Bangkok, Dubai, Miami and London. With a larger team comes greater opportunity – the past year has seen us expand our reach across more countries and deliver a wider scope of projects, including the official Expo 2020 hotel by Rove in Dubai, the United Nations building in Geneva and Browns’ new flagship boutique in London. And with a growing list of international projects in the pipeline, the next chapter for Nulty looks bright as we seek to strengthen our position throughout the ASEAN region.

Mark Vowles: “Asia is an important location for us. As we come out of lockdown, the Bangkok studio is in a strong position, with a loyal client base and a healthy portfolio of work that includes a series of gyms in Dubai, a luxury family resort in the Maldives and a private residence in Bangkok. We’ve established a growing team of four lighting designers based within the Bangkok studio (meet the team here) who will work closely with Paul and I on all of our ASEAN projects. Our intention here is clear; let’s get serious about delivering in-depth lighting design expertise, and let’s be 100% committed to providing on the ground support for the architecture and design community.”

For every project, our team adheres to the principle that creativity should be guided by a clear process that encourages innovation but benchmarks ideas against the brief and budget. Each studio’s work is grounded in the belief that light should always serve a purpose – an approach that serves our team well as the art of lighting a space becomes increasingly complex. As a result, we’re well placed to respond to the multifaceted needs of clients, be it the ability to read a visual environment to understand how light should be used to illuminate the facade of a building, or the capacity to master ever-changing regulations to deliver sustainable lighting solutions.

Paul Nulty: “We’ve developed a formula that helps us combine the client’s vision and our ideas, with the design intent for the building and needs of the end user. This infusion of different elements is what makes every project so unique and the role of an experienced lighting designer so important. We’re constantly testing our creative limits, updating our technical knowledge and drawing upon each of our team’s skills to explore light in different ways and design projects that we’re proud of.”