Blogs we like to read on a regular basis

A blog of blogs? Yes, that’s right.

You could be mistaken for thinking we’re starting a new version of Blankety Blank, but we’re not…yet. Many people who read our blog have asked what blogs architectural lighting designers and consultants like us read on a regular basis.

It’s a good question so what better way to answer than to give you THE definitive list of our favourite blogs. Happy Reading and does anyone know where we can get a Lilly Savage style wig for Paul?

An awesome radio blog covering everything about design and architecture:

A blog about colour, design and psychology:

A cool blog covering everything creative, from advertising, to film and architecture:

Architecture, Interiors and Design:

All things cool:

An insider’s view of all things creative:

A blog on all things contemporary:

A cool blog about cool stuff:

Image: © James French