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Neha Doshi

Neha Doshi


Neha feeds her soul – whether it’s through art and craft, gardening, or her favourite Indian dish Thalipeeth. All of these bring comfort, but her true passion is light and how it encompasses the world around us.

Neha was a curious child, always reading and researching – she wanted to be a scientist when she grew up. And nothing has changed, she spends her spare time reading books on psychology and neuroscience and applying it to every phase and aspect of her life.

This natural love of art and flair for science led her down the road of architecture, which ultimately led to the path of light. She loves how light, as well as shadows, breathe life into all design. Ever the scientist, Neha tackles her designs from a well thought out, psychological stance that guarantees we always fall in love with her work.

Latest Article

Casting Light on India

Light isn’t just about the illumination of the world around us, it’s a part of the story we live. It plays an essential role in the human experience and has the power to evoke profound emotion, shape our perception and…

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