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Lighting Design Restaurant Entrance Blue Staircase Blossom Tree Perimeter Uplighting Integrated Feature Wall Illumination Yautacha Riyadh Nulty

Yauatcha Riyadh

A distinctive brand of lighting design

Located inside Mode Al Faisaliah, Yauatcha Riyadh benefits from an exposed yet striking entranceway that’s flooded with light from the mall. To draw the eye into the space we opted for integrated lighting in the reception desk and patisserie counter, along with low-level illumination and “erratic” feature lighting in the slatted wall that surrounds the signature-blue staircase.

A trio of pendant lights provide ambient illumination as guests make their way up the stairs to the dim sum restaurant, where lighting levels are deliberately low and contrast high to create a dramatic atmosphere. Yauatcha’s signature porcelain pendants hang above tables to provide focused halos of light below, some of which work on a track system that can be adjusted according to the layout of the tables. Around the chef’s station, diffuse cove lighting washes the surrounding stone wall with light and a backlit blue wall panel directs attention to the food service area.

The brand’s characteristic starry sky is the main design feature in the bar area. Tables below are illuminated with soft pools of light from discreet downlights in the ceiling. Blue cove lighting above the bar intensifies the mood and is supplemented with recessed downlights that provide functional illumination, while the stone bar counter has been washed with light for added drama.

Accessed by a private entrance with soft atmospheric light, the private dining area is full of contrast and theatre. Illuminated blue glass panels define the scheme and add to the intimacy, and additional layers of illumination such as recessed downlights and decorative pendants (again on a track system) ensure that light is directed to the central dining area.

Images © Pierre Zabbal

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