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Principal Tower Residential Development Spa Swimming Pool Linear Light Interior Lighting Design Consultants Nulty

Principal Tower

Understated Elegance

The architectural lighting scheme we developed throughout Principal Tower is subtly integrated into surfaces and joinery to make sure that nothing takes away from Fosters + Partners’ design.

In the residential development’s grand lobby, the scheme focuses on illuminating vertical elements through perimeter cove lighting in the ceiling and floor. The curved design of the commanding staircase is accentuated by integrated lighting in the steps that also acts as a wayfinding path to the mezzanine level and bar. The subtlety of the scheme within the space provides the perfect backdrop to the cascading chandelier.

As with the lighting design in the apartments and other amenity spaces, the scheme in the pool area is purposefully clean and minimal to let the architecture take centre stage. High-level coves with soft lines of light create a calming glow throughout the luxurious space and help balance out the natural light levels.

Images © Nigel Young / Foster + Partners

Project Team

Ellie Coombs


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