How to bring the inside out this summer

When an outdoor area is comfortable and inviting it’s far more likely to be used and enjoyed. Today people want to make their outdoor space as enticing as their home’s interior, and lighting plays a key role in doing this.

Paul Nulty shared some tips for garden lighting with The Telegraph, in an article about trends for decorating outside space. Here’s what he had to say:

  • Good garden lighting is an excellent way of extending the view beyond your interior, and prevents windows becoming ‘black mirrors’ at night.
  • Simple spike-mounted uplighters can effectively illuminate planting. Consider backlighting foliage, too.
  • Less is more – it’s surprising how little light you need, particularly if you highlight larger objects like trees. What you don’t light is as important as what you do; it’s about contrast and balance.
  • Playing with warm and cool tones, depending on the colour scheme of your planting, is a good way of making interesting lighting schemes.
  • Avoid security-style floodlights to directly illuminate a patio and rely on reflected light from the surfaces around.


Alongside Paul’s lighting tips, The Telegraph talks about pops of colour, an alfresco bar, weatherproof materials and more – have a read here.