Products we love this month

A couple of products have caused a stir in the office this month – Super Sized Shades and Tiny Track, both of which have really embraced the technology that they’re based on.

This LED “track” by Eden Design uses LED lighting technology with miniature spotlights magnetically connected to a thin metal strip. Each individual, adjustable LED module is just 20mm x 20mm. Non-adjustable and larger modules are also available. We really like the discreet flexibility that these fittings provide.

Dot Tiny Spot Light Track Eden Design Blog Nulty

Miniature LED Spot Lighting Eden Design Blog Nulty

LED Spot Lighting Track Eden Design Blog Nulty

These “space-defining”, over-sized shades can provide a statement for any interior, although we think they’re most suitable for the retail and hospitality sectors.

The shades can be manufactured in sizes up to 4 metres diameter. We love the idea of using images inside the shade to create a room within a room.

XXXL(amp) Super Shade Person Lighting Blog Nulty

XXXL(amp) Super Shade Print Lighting Blog Nulty