Brand immersion...

I’m pretty certain you’ve all heard quite enough on the luminaire front of Frankfurt: new product ranges, brands, and let’s not forget, tunable white. So, I’d like to take you through my journey of stand experiences. The stands that allowed you to embrace the brand identity and story, providing the atmosphere in which they would like you to experience their products in.

The first structure to catch my attention was that of the VIBIA stand – simple, yet elegant. It somehow captured a beautiful “home comfort” ambiance, with visitors slumped in each and every snicket of the stand; whether it be beneath the delicate chandelier, or snuggled up below the warmth of each pendant and table lamp. I was only disappointed with the lack of tea and hobnobs.

DGA on the other hand took a “sophisticated playful” approach; tactfully laying out multiple luminaires was sure to invite all the children in us to have a play. The toys were arranged ready across platforms and plinths, with an intriguing selection of ornaments for us to light, as well as a tunable white station to twiddle around with – a lighting designer’s playground if you ask me!

With the exclusion of my poorly executed entrance (climbing through one of the holes because I couldn’t find the way in), XAL presented themselves in an oddly seductive, alluring manner. The winner of the “Hollister-contrast” award, each range was displayed handsomely in its own niche to explore. And let’s not forget the fantastic light show displayed in the core of the stand, wowing us with beautifully fluid projections.

And now to the grand finale, the talk of the show – the iGuzzini experience room. Although a very ordinary exhibition stand on the exterior (sorry to say), once you passed through the doors into darkness, you were dazzled with what was almost a luminaire firework show (you can see the awe in our faces…). It was certainly an experience to see all luminaires displayed intricately across the enclosed space, capturing their quality and multiple applications. Although, I’ve no doubt the several mojitos heightened the experience…

Blog post by Jessica Travers