New Year, New Office

Nulty has a new HQ and it’s not just any HQ, it’s an HQ with a view. Located on the 15th floor of our building we’ve the absolute privilege of panoramic views across London. From The Shard, to St Paul’s, Barbican, Olympic Village, River Thames, BT Tower, Parliament Hill, Westminster, even Wembley…. we could go on but that would just be showing off!

Whilst we’re still based in Waterloo, in the same development as before, we’re in a different building – our new address is:

The Tower Building, 15th Floor, 11 York Road, London SE1 7NX

Telephone number (remains the same):  020 7401 3635

Have a look at the contact page on our website for more details.

Our new space has allowed our lighting designers to become inspired by a new perspective of this amazing city. The aspect is never the same; natural light due to weather conditions and time of day constantly changes the appearance of the city. On a clear sunny morning it appears golden; when it’s cloudy it appears grey and bleak. The shift from day to night is inspiring in itself, when the artificial lighting comes on. We begin to see all of our industry come to life and light up London. We get to see the best of our peers’ work all from one vantage point. The nighttime view is spectacular but it also raises the question “is darkness becoming extinct?” This city is never dark.

The evolving landscape is also a major influence. When we look out the window we don’t know what’s going to be different from one day to the next. We work alongside architects so to be able to see some of the best architecture in the world from our office is pretty special. Being able to watch construction work just means there may be another exciting architectural lighting design project on the way.

This constant change is at the heart of what we do. As lighting designers we champion innovation and having a view like ours helps put all that into perspective!