Retail lighting design goes Skin Deep

There’s something utterly fabulous about buying new beauty products. But there’s nothing more disappointing than getting home to find the colour of your new foundation or concealer isn’t quite right – all when it looked fine at the concession or store!

When it comes to retail lighting design we’ve a great knowledge base having worked on some amazing projects, so we thought enough was enough and decided to investigate the wrong-colour-issue further. In their January magazine, Total Lighting has featured a great piece on the recent work we’ve done with University College London (UCL) and manufacturer Xicato on skincare lighting and the colour matching of beauty products to skin tones.

After various field assessments were carried out UCL analysed the results which lead to Xicato developing a commercial LED module called “Beauty Series”. The aim? To produce the best balance between beautiful, natural skin tones and colour discrimination. Our research shows there’s definitely a need to find more flattering lighting to promote and retain cosmetic and makeup sales in retail stores.

Yes, we’re biased, but this is really exciting stuff – here’s a link to the article.