I’ve always loved light and the impact it has on how we feel and behave. You can see light, but it’s intangible; the best lighting designs are those that illuminate rather than dominate, cast shadow, create depth and inspire mood. Knowing how to light a space is a combination of passion, creativity and technical expertise, and knowing how to light space for a client is about understanding how to bring their brand and their vision to life to engage others.

My ambition for PNLD has always been to share this knowledge and encourage the next generation of lighting designers to explore the power of light and what it can achieve. To provide an environment for them to experiment and innovate and understand how vital a role they play within the design landscape.

After four years as a practice manager I have a mature and ambitious team of 27, delivering creative designs with a commercial edge and driving the practice in the way they like to work, collaboratively, dynamically and continually pushing boundaries. Paul Nulty Lighting Design is no longer about me.

So we rebranded.

The decision is in recognition of the team’s strength and growth, many of them have been with me from the beginning and over four years have delivered some of the largest lighting projects in the UK as well as projects in Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Russia. The team has cultivated a design ethos that balances commerciality and creativity to ensure projects deliver value as well as a strong aesthetic.

I am excited because I get to be a lighting designer once again rather than the manager of a practice.

My role now is to do what I love to do – design light – and make sure that the team has the best platform on which to develop. There are big things planned for Nulty+, so watch this space.