Nulty gives it a whirl…

When the invite came round from the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) for an evening of light graffiti (or light art, if we’re being posh) we most definitely wanted to be on the list.

Our army of architectural lighting designers turned up at the event, which was fronted by light artist and photographer Michael Bosanko, curious as to what the night may hold.

Michael showed the attendees an amazing presentation of his work before recruiting our very own senior lighting designer, Daniel Gray (pictured below looking slightly uncomfortable!) to be the subject of his demonstration.

Light Graffiti Daniel Gray Skeleton Light Art Nulty

The team then split off to have a go themselves, painting with torches and creating their own graffiti artworks – here are some of the, let’s say, better outcomes:

Light Graffiti Hello Light Art Lighting Design Team Nulty

Light Graffiti Circle Light Design Experience Nulty

It was a really fun, informative and creative evening, involving a unique side to lighting design, which was all topped off the only way they know how – beer and pizza!

Blog post by Rebecca Hodge