Team Nulty descend on Frankfurt

The lighting design team here at Nulty recently made their second visit to Light + Building. Since the last trip in 2012 our team has grown somewhat – needless to say there are lots of new faces!

Lighting Design Consultants Nulty Light + Building 2014 Frankfurt

Twelve of us excited lighting designers set off to Frankfurt, and thankfully twelve of us returned – our minds saturated with everything lighting and our livers equally so with alcohol. Thankfully, we had our trusty cameras on hand, so when sitting at our desks here in London, creating wonderful architectural lighting design schemes, we can remember what we thought was cool!

Without further ado, here’s a snapshot from our trip…

iGuzzini’s Light Tunnel: a suave demonstration and flawless integration of light in architecture to not only reveal form, but also create emotion – need we say more?

iGuzzini Light Tunnel Light + Building 2014 Lighting Designers Nulty

A curious visitor in iGuzzini’s Light Tunnel

iGuzzini Light Tunnel Performance Light + Building 2014 Lighting Design Team Nulty

The Light Tunnel performance

Xicato: everything was here, seriously. From the overhead installation to the tiny LED modules with integrated drivers, presence detection and daylight dimming to the hands on demos and explanations about LED technology and metrics.

Xicato Feature Pendants Colour Consistency Light + Building 2014 Nulty

Even Xicato’s feature pendant is a play on colour consistency

This: because we spent an embarrassing amount of time mesmerised by the bubbles…

Chain Bubbles Light + Building 2014 Lighting Designers Nulty

A mechanical action creates the bubble film, and trapped air expands as it heats to form a chain of bubbles!

Some impressive exhibit designs – pictured here are….

XAL Stand DJ Booth Light + Building 2014 Nulty

XAL prepared with DJ booth in stand

Synergy Light Sculpture Christian Herdeg Nulty

“Synergy”, a light sculpture by Swiss artist Christian Herdeg

Viabizzuno Flexible Illuminated Shelves Light + Building 2014 Nulty

Viabizzuno flexible illuminated shelves

Lighting Design Clustering Pendants DARK Light + Building 2014 Nulty

Brilliant clustering by DARK

Sattler Green Ring Lighting Light + Building 2014 Nulty

Sattler’s green ring

Modular "Do Not Feed The Birds" Light + Building 2014 Nulty

Wise advice from Modular

And of course, the Luminale: finally something that isn’t just about LED!

CROSSOVER Lighting Installation Barbara Trautmann Nulty

“CROSSOVER”, a lighting installation by Berlin-based artist Barbara Trautmann

Light + Building 2014 was truly a remarkable experience for the team at Nulty. Amongst the chaos of over a dozen halls and multitudes of exhibitors, it showed the beginning of convergence into the LED world and a clear industry trajectory into the digital age, from app based controls to 3D printed luminaires. Quite a few of the incandescent and AR111 retrofits on display also looked promising – we can’t wait for 2016!