A new dynamic perforated screen system that regulates light and solar gain

We were amazed here at Nulty when we discovered Tessellate™, a kinetic titanium screen which works like a camera aperture, opening and closing to regulate light.

Tessellate™ Regulating Light Spa Indoor Swimming Pool Blog Nulty

Tessellate™ Regulating Light Indoor Luxury Spa Blog Nulty

The dynamic screen system will be forming the façade for two luxury spas in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (planned for construction in 2014). The architectural firm, Worksbureau will be the first to incorporate the kinetic Tessellate™ system which will continuously adjust its opacity in response to changing environmental conditions.

Tessellate™ Perforated Screen System Regulate Light Blog Nulty

The screen is powered by small motors, the middle layers move back and forth, creating both shade (a welcome addition in the Kingdom that experiences summer temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius) and light play. Whilst this allows for a tranquil interior it also has a massive impact on the buildings’ footprint.

The technology was developed by Adaptive Building Initiative, a joint venture between Hoberman Associates and Buro Happold, alongside metal engineering expert A. Zahner Company.

Zahner has fabricated and tested a full-scale working mockup that demonstrates the performance of this ground breaking façade. You can watch Tessellate in action here.