The Dark Art of Light Series

We’ve created a virtual masterclass series that outlines the fundamental principles of lighting design when approaching a residential project. Designed to provide inspiration and guidance for the interior design community, and anyone looking to broaden their understanding about residential lighting, the presentations shine a light on the dark art of lighting a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and garden.

Each five-minute tutorial breaks down the creative process to reveal the layers and hierarchy of lighting design that are essential to a well-balanced scheme. By providing a blueprint for each space within a home, we demonstrate how task, accent, ambient and feature lighting techniques bring depth and character to a room.

When applied with precision, light can completely change how we emotionally and physically connect with a space. By deconstructing lighting design through easy-to-digest videos, we hope to demystify the process and share some of the essential tips that can make or break a lighting scheme.

Watch The Dark Art of Light series on our YouTube channel here.

Blog post updated 08.12.20