Dubai Design Week 2019

We’re putting hotel lighting at the top of the agenda at Dubai Design Week 2019, collaborating with Earth Hotels, Something Design House and Debbas Lighting to create a bespoke lighting scheme for the Earth Hotels concept at Downtown Dubai.

We will also use this edition of the festival to present our “Manifesto for a Good Night’s Sleep”, an educational presentation on the relationship between sleep patterns and hospitality lighting design.

Lighting for Earth Hotels

Earth Hotels is an innovative hotel experience that sees repurposed shipping containers transformed into contemporary lifestyle hotels. The lighting design for Earth Hotels takes its cue from our research into circadian rhythms to understand the daily impact that light has on the body and mind. Led by Design Director Amy Semple, the concept has been designed around the idea that guests could benefit from being exposed to different levels of light and colour temperatures throughout their stay. Linear LED lines of light within the ceiling of the container illuminate as an intricate pattern of light once turned on, yet disappear from view when not in use as each light source is concealed behind a black diffuser.

Additional accent lighting has been used sparingly throughout the scheme to preserve the clean finish of the space while accentuating features such as artwork and furniture. As the Earth Hotels design philosophy is centred around delivering a customisable experience for its guests, lighting within the container can be adjusted through a wide range of colour temperatures and easily controlled using Alexa.

Earth Hotels in collaboration with Nulty, Something Design House and Debbas Lighting: The Light Avenue, Debbas Lighting (Building 11, Ground Floor) Dubai Design District (d3).

Presenting the Manifesto for a Good Night’s Sleep

Dubai Design Week will also see Director Emilio Hernandez present a Manifesto for a Good Night’s Sleep. The talk will unpick how we consume lighting at different points of the day and put circadian rhythms under the microscope to understand the instrumental role that light plays in hotel design.

The study is part of our ongoing mission to produce an educational guide for the industry that will demystify the process around using light to create enhanced environments for sleep.

Manifesto for a Good Night’s Sleep: The Light Avenue, Debbas Lighting, Dubai Design District (d3), Thursday 14 November, 1pm. Limited spaces – register at [email protected]

Image: Earth Hotels, Something Design House & Nulty