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We’re excited to announce that our groundbreaking research “Shining Light on Skin Tone” will form part of this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW), 24-26 May.

For those who aren’t familiar with this much-loved annual design event it has, for the last seven years (at the end of May), taken over the streets of London’s creative hub, Clerkenwell. With over 300 exhibitors it’s established itself as the UK’s leading independent design festival attracting designers and architects from all over the world to get involved and participate.

We’re delighted to be partnering up with TOTO where they’ll host us in their showroom on St John Street, right in the heart of it all. During the three day event Claire Hamill and Anna Sandgren will run a series of experiences, workshops and talks explaining the details of our research on the effect of lighting people in commercial environments and lighting on skin tones, which led to the development of an innovative new light source called the “Beauty Series” by Xicato. The aim of the light source is to evoke the feeling of health and well being while creating an emotional connection between the person and their environment. The research was supported by UCL, Mike Stoane Lighting and a leading cosmetic brand and we’re really excited to share it with you!

To find out more, visit Anna and Claire at TOTO on Tues/Weds/Thurs (24-26 May). The three-day programme will include:

1pm-2pm: “Shining Light on Skin Tone” research talk by Claire Hamill and Anna Sandgren (of Nulty) together with Roger Sexton from Xicato.

2pm-6pm: Workshops and experiences showcasing our groundbreaking research process which led to the development of the “Beauty Series” module.

We’ll also be holding private lighting workshops from 10am-12pm. If you’re interested in booking one of these for your company during CDW then please call our office on 020 7401 3635 or email [email protected]

See you at TOTO: 140-142 St John Street, London EC1V 4UA

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