Paul Nulty on the role of a lighting designer

In Architect’s Choice magazine Paul Nulty discusses the continually evolving role of the architectural lighting designer.

Times have moved on from being simple purveyors of luminated functionality; for the lighting designer today, it’s about creating a relationship between people and their surroundings and fostering positive emotions through experience across differing brands and sectors.

In the commercial arena, lighting design has the means to support the clients’ bottom line be it retail, hospitality or workplace. Lighting designers are now working with the client and interior designers early on in the design process allowing them to create a solution that truly complements the interior design.

It’s not just about creating the best design, either. Every architectural lighting design concept is underpinned by key factors such as maintainability, sustainability, longevity, low-energy and low-cost. Have a read of Paul’s article in full here.

Image: © James French