Light, art, famous waterways... and rain

At Nulty, just before the holiday break, we were lucky enough to pack our overnight bags and hop across the water to discover the delights of Amsterdam. Unsurprisingly, as lighting designers, one of the main attractions for us was the fantastic Amsterdam Light Festival – a festival of light and water with a theme this year of “Friendship”.

We decided on a boat tour to see the array of light art installations and although it was a pretty rubbish (and that’s being kind) evening weather wise, we didn’t let that stop us enjoying the experience of talented artists’ work dotted across the city. Here are a few of our very rainy snaps and a little video we put together:

Lighting Designers Festival Team Experience Today I Love You Light

Lighting Designers Experience Illumination Amsterdam Trip Bridge Nulty

Light Festival Amsterdam Illuminated People Lighting Designers Team Nulty

Rainy Amsterdam Festival Team Trip Lighting Designers Nulty

3D Drawing Light Festival Amsterdam Experience Lighting Designers Nulty