A seriously powerful piece of controls hardware

Lighting Controls Interface Jaz Varetika

Jaz, by Australian manufacturer Varetika, is a seriously powerful piece of controls hardware. Controls are usually a pretty boring subject when it comes to lighting design, but this kit is one of the most exciting things we’ve seen in a long time.

Jaz provides traditional home-automation (think Crestron style touch panel with centralised control over AV, heating, lighting and security) but takes it to a whole new level by also providing energy management and real-time feedback.

Jaz Reports provide real-time data on all your energy usage. You can view energy by appliance, by data and by day, month, year and compare current use with average use. Clear visual displays indicate which rooms and devices use the most energy and reports also encompass individual appliances to provide better insight on energy usage.

Considering the rising cost of energy and the current state of the economy, we think this is going to catch on quickly. Who wouldn’t want to know exactly how they are spending their money? It’s innovative and we like it a lot!