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Youssef Chmeit

Youssef Chmeit


Youssef is not someone that does things by halves – when he made the move to Dubai from Lebanon, he even made sure his dog could come on the adventure. He throws himself into every aspect of every project, from researching and developing concepts, to working with software and creating renders. If there’s ever a problem with a design, you can be sure Youssef will work to find a solution.

As lighting never fails to surprise, keeping up with the latest industry trends and technologies is important to Youssef. The same could be said for his interests in crafts – his hand-made concrete jewellery business is ahead of the curve, requiring a certain level of ingenuity.

Youssef believes that there is always something new to learn from light; it’s compelling and it has the power to affect us on both emotional and physiological levels. By playing with simple aspects of light such as intensity or temperature, we can evoke completely different feelings – this understanding turned Youssef’s passion for lighting into a career.

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