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Mehrdad Eizadfar

Mehrdad Eizadfar


Mehrdad brings a lot to the party with his degree in architecture and knowledge of the UAE construction industry. He knows what it takes to artfully integrate lighting and make it integral to a space.

Light is the spirit of architecture in Mehrdad’s opinion and his career in lighting design can be traced back to his discovery of natural light and what it can do to the soul during his architectural studies. He became mesmerized by the softly filtered light that trickled through stained glass windows of the gothic churches he was studying, and how this phenomenon can elevate consciousness struck a chord.

Mehrdad is a gamer when he isn’t busy designing lighting schemes. The social side of gaming, as well as the special effects and the depth of storytelling is what grips him. And it’s that storytelling that is Mehrdad’s favourite part of lighting design. Visualising a concept, bringing it to life and then visiting the finished product and seeing all that hard work realised is what it’s all about – a story has been told and brought it to life.

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