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Angela Abou Antoun

Angela Abou Antoun


Angela hasn’t always been in the business of lighting, she worked as a flight attendant for five years whilst studying for her bachelor’s degree. Growing up, she had always wanted to travel the world, and this was a means of doing so. But how did Angela go from flight to light?

After receiving an MA in Lighting Design and LED Technology, Angela went on to develop her experience in the lighting industry in the Middle East. She gained local market knowledge, as well as technical expertise and with her innate chatty nature, it was only a matter of time before her career took a turn down the path of business development.

Whether it’s in a new city with strangers, or in a meeting with clients, Angela loves chatting to different people. Engaging with customers to help develop concepts is what she’s known for. Yet she always makes sure to catch up with friends or set quality time aside for herself to paint, read or practice yoga.

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