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Tabard Square Exterior


Although we’re not an ego-driven lot, it’s hard to deny the excitement that comes from working on a project that anyone can experience: you don’t need to work in the building, have reservations for the restaurant, or live in the house. At Tabard Square, you can simply stroll past and feel what a bit of architectural lighting design can do to the atmosphere of a public space.

Tabard Square is a mixed-use development in the heart of Borough. Bordering the square are commercial premises in addition to some stunning new residential high-rises. Most captivating of all, though, is the square itself – with its large mature trees, marble surfaces, chunky wooden benches and metal shard sculptures.

Our job was to light it up and make it beautiful, and that’s what we did… subtly, and without any clutter. For instance, we illuminated the glass-encased staircases of the surrounding buildings, which provides a glowing ambient light for the square outside. We also made use of lots of “hidden” lighting among the trees and under the benches, and we added a nifty bit of unobtrusive feature lighting to show off the gorgeous sculptures. The square is officially a lamppost-free zone, and all the more magical because of it.

This project was undertaken while Paul was Director of Light Bureau. Photography © Light Bureau


The most satisfying thing about the project was that it complies with all legislation, but it doesn’t have a single column or bollard across the space, so it’s completely clutter-free.

— Paul Nulty

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