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Lighting Design Scheme Pudu Pudu Pudding Store Seating Illuminated Brand Signage Venice California Consultants Nulty

pudu pudu, Venice, LA

Delightful desserts

Awakening the senses, this delicious, new pudding experience, combines unexpected flavours with imaginative toppings to create a new approach to dessert. The lighting scheme has been designed to help bring the pudu pudu brand experience to life, using a combination of playful and focused lighting to form a fun and immersive environment.

The team placed linear LED illumination behind the boldly coloured tubular pipework and signage to create a cohesive brand experience across both the ground floor workstation space and mezzanine cafe. As brand visibility outside the store was another key ingredient of the lighting design, we implemented an adjustable lighting control system to ensure the appropriate hierarchy of light from day to night.

Elsewhere in the store, focused lighting has been used to illuminate merchandising points, workstations and cafe tables. Narrow beam angled lighting above the countertops have been placed to provide ample illumination with no light spill. Integrated lighting within the joinery serves to highlight branded merchandise and concealed illumination underneath each table produces a more intimate space where visitors can relax and sample their pudding creations.

Towards the rear of the store, the team used targeted spotlights to illuminate a linear wall graphic depicting pudu pudu’s brand heritage.

Images © ONWD Collective

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