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Lost Property St Pauls Found Bar Restaurant Integrated Wash Decorative Light Illumination Architectural Lighting Designers Nulty

Lost Property

Curated curiosity

Lost Property St Paul’s, London is a part of the Hilton’s Curio Collection and invites guests to pause, take a moment and lose themselves in the multitude of curiosities held within. From discovering facts about the history of London, to examining bespoke wallpaper decorated with endangered species by Timorous Beasties, the hotel embodies escapism.

The team created a layered lighting scheme that provides hidden moments whilst allowing decorative features to shine. Rani Ahluwalia, Creative Director at Key Interior and Designs, had a clear vision for the hotel and celebrations of light serve to lift the memorable interiors, where no two spaces are the same.

Upon entering the reception, guests are immediately greeted by one of Rani Ahluwalia’s bespoke handcrafted glass installations, paired with lamps of a warm colour temperature, it emits a convivial glow. Linear wall grazers wash down from the ceiling to highlight a feature relief backdrop to the reception that gives context to some of London’s most iconic landmarks and characters.

Condensed corridors of bright feature and artwork lighting provide a rhythmic quality of light that pulls guests through the hotel. Compressive spaces unfold to reveal moments of splendour as bars areas and guestrooms are unveiled before guests’ eyes.

‘Found,’ the hotel’s bar and restaurant, features an eclectic mix of lighting elements. Another of Rani Ahluwalia’s pieces sings as a selection of perfectly curated ornate glass birds are subtly illuminated by downlights. Direct, indirect and accent lighting throughout the space leans into the human eye. Linear light in the coffer celebrates the waffle ceiling, spotlights punch onto tables below and accents from integrated joinery lighting in the shelving and grazing on the counter of the bar all contribute to a dynamic yet refined scheme.

Each guestroom is unique due to the curious architecture of the building. An elegant coffer generates a warming level of illumination over the bed and is gently balanced with bedside reading lights and accent spotlights to provide a pause in exploration for guests, a place for them to relax and unwind in.

The gym is beaming with functional light, both natural and artificial. Spotlights provide a comfortable level of illumination that supports the skylights in the centre of the room. Daylight pours through, catching prismatic ribbed glass in a way that permeates the space below.

Images © James French


How integrated the different teams on the project were - the detailed planning really paid off.

— Gary Thornton

Project Team

Amy Weatherley


Gary Thornton


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