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Heythrop Park Hotel Theatre Illumination Light Lamp Feature Installation Architectural Lighting Design Consultants Nulty

Heythrop Park Hotel

A real showstopper

Heythrop Park Hotel, a Grade II listed building set in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, boasts stunning scenery, impressive architecture, and lively hospitality and entertainment spaces.

To match the grandeur of the property and to create an immersive guest experience, our lighting design is a synergetic mix of integrated fixtures and stand-out feature installations.

The lighting design for the reception lobby required a balanced level of light and colour temperature, as well as an integrated scheme, to respect the architectural heritage of the building. A selective use of downlights provides ambient illumination ensuring comfortability for guests. Accent lighting above artworks and decorative lamps were added to create a subtle play of light throughout the space.

The Brassey Bar is comprised of elegant interiors, made up of soft edges with an atmospheric lighting arrangement to match. A design of adjustable spotlights and sophisticated joinery lighting reflect off a textured metallic ceiling, immersing guests in a halo of illumination. A series of glowing globe lamps by Northern Lights line the art deco bar, complementing the rich tones of the furnishings and bathing the interiors with a warm quality of light.

Sophisticated joinery lighting brings the Late Lounge Bar to life, and atmospheric wall lights surrounding the perimeter seating evoke a sultry and moody tone that entices guests to relax under their diffuse glow.

Moving down to the Late Lounge itself, glittering gold disco balls are suspended in the stairwell, their shimmer denotes the transition from a laid-back bar to a lively entertainment space. Here, lighting plays a supporting role as integrated spotlights sit within the zigzag contours of the feature ceiling. Decorative wall sconces and table lamps are the only visible fittings and form a rhythmic play of light at a lower level to elevate the tactile finishes, rich wood tones, and decorative wall panels that encompass the lounge.

And the showstopper to the hotel’s revitalising interiors – The Theatre, a space that encourages guests to escape from everyday life and experience the magic of the stage. A number of dazzling lighting arrangements by Northern Lights set the mood. A hypnotic oval-shaped gold pendant, suspended in the centre of the room for all to admire, radiates warm light from each of its fitted retro lamps. An illuminated arch installation also delivers a spectacular performance as it animates the space with its whimsical nod to the classic baroque interiors associated with old-school theatres.

Images © Stevie Campbell


How light transforms each space from day to night, whilst celebrating the architectural features.

— Shevokie Allen

Project Team

Guy Kornetzki


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