A colourful lighting event, right outside our office!

Last Thursday evening, sitting in our lighting design HQ, while working away, we were suddenly distracted buy some colour magic! Outside our window the iconic piece of architecture that is the London Eye had gone colourful. Let’s admit it, even though there was too much coloured lighting, it was fabulous and it really impressed us.

After instantly being “wowed” the mission was on the find out what the occasion was.

Curiously wandering around, we asked what all the fuss was about. As it turned out, it was an event celebrating London’s night life. Organised by Red Bull Music Academy, which has been running for 15 years now, the event brought together 30 of the UK’s most legendary night clubs. Every capsule had its own DJ that performed live, so in fact, every capsule had a mini party going on! Team Nulty “weren’t on the list” so we walked around and enjoyed the lights and frankly that was just enough – after all, lighting design is our addiction. All of South Bank’s buildings joined in with the celebration, constantly changing colour, creating a stunning visual result.

The lighting scheme was based on Red Bull’s trademark colours, red and blue. Fortunately, for our entertainment, they decided to include all the shades in-between and the result was fantastic! Have a look…

View Nulty Office London Eye Waterloo Lighting Event

Nulty Lighting Design Studio Cityscape View Pink Wheel London Eye Waterloo

Pink ferris wheel – very cute!

London Eye Wheel Colourful Lighting Event Cityscape Nulty

Lighting Display London Eye Ferris Wheel Blue Light Nulty

Nulty Lighting Design Office View London Eye Event

Red Bull’s trademark colours

Ferris Wheel Close-up Capsules Lighting Event Colour Blocking Nulty

Colour blocking!

Blog post and images by Evina Diamantara