Our new location...

To coincide with the launch of our Bangkok studio, Director Spencer Baxter outlines the thinking behind Nulty’s decision to open a studio in the Thai capital and gives us an insight into the Bangkok design scene and developments in the lighting design sector.

What prompted Nulty to expand into Bangkok? Why now?

Nulty has a strong portfolio that spans multiple disciplines, many of which are strongly aligned with the Southeast Asian market. The hospitality sector in particular offers great scope for growth due to our experience in delivering inspirational lighting schemes for luxury hotels across the globe. Thailand has one of the largest communities of design professionals within the ASEAN region, so having a presence here means we’re ideally located to service the wealth of opportunities that the buoyant Southeast Asian market offers.

How important is it for Nulty to have someone on the ground in the region?

It’s very important. Nulty is new to Southeast Asia and the business culture here differs to that in other parts of the world. Face-to-face meetings are not only perceived as more credible they are often much more productive.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for Nulty Bangkok?

Initially I’ll be focusing on business development across the region, while better servicing the existing project and client portfolio. Long term, the intention is to establish an ASEAN team, consisting of the best, most dedicated and creative architectural lighting designers.

What sectors will Nulty Bangkok be focusing on?

Hospitality, retail and high-end residential will be obvious targets. However, I certainly see considerable opportunities in large-scale planning and the historical and cultural sectors.

How did you end up in lighting design and what drew you to this industry?

I’ve always worked within the lighting industry across various roles. What drew me to lighting design was a desire for continuous learning and the opportunity to further explore my creative abilities.

What do you feel are the most exciting developments in lighting design at the moment?

The role of a lighting designer encompasses so much more than looking at a project from an aesthetic point of view. Good lighting design performs multiple functions, from positively connecting a brand to its consumers through strategic branding, through to promoting personal wellbeing through workplace lighting design or creating sustainable environments that meet strict legislation guidelines. When it comes to technology, we must be increasingly aware and capable of control integration, the advances of IoT, IT security and personal privacy. Clients are looking to us to deliver a lot more than just illumination.

Tell us about the architecture and design scene in Bangkok?

Thailand has a well-established design scene. What I would describe as “true Thai culture” is evident. Whether it be architecture, interiors or landscape, the design language is distinctly identifiable as a Thai original.