What architects should know about lighting

Next week is ARCHITECT@WORK (London Olympia, 24-25 January), where Arc magazine editor Matt Waring will chair a special presentation by Paul Nulty on “What architects should know about lighting”.

On Thursday 25 January, at 16:15, Paul will discuss the role of the lighting designer in contemporary architecture, paying particular attention to common mistakes and the innovative solutions that we employ to create indoor and exterior spaces that are well lit and inspiring. Working closely with clients, architects, interior designers and engineers, Paul has built our award-winning studio on the basis that collaboration is key to create atmospheric spaces that don’t take a toll on the planet. He believes that education and open discourse are paramount to make beautiful environments for everyone.

In the run up to the event, ARCHITECT@WORK commissioned a series of filmed interviews with architects, designers and engineers in the @Work series. The creatives were asked about their lives at work: how they do what they do, why they do it, and what impact their practices have on the industry.

Here’s what Paul had to say – roll the tape…