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Sophie O'Rourke

Sophie O'Rourke


Sophie is often heard before she’s seen, thanks to her infectious laugh and ability to house more jewellery than Hatton Garden.

Another winning combination for Sophie is creativity and science, and that’s exactly what she was promised at university when she signed up for a minor in lighting design. So, with an academic match made in heaven and a “why not?” take on life she unknowingly sealed her fate.

Sophie is always brimming with ideas so we love having her around, especially when it comes to conceptual design. But she also knows how to get things done, having worked in a few different areas of the lighting industry.

When it comes to her imagination, it doesn’t stop at lighting. She’s also a creative words person – just don’t let her tell you a story, unless you’ve got a few days to spare.

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As lighting designers our job is to create, enhance or manipulate an experience. All design is based on interactions (whether direct or indirect) that create a generally positive experience, enhancing the user’s time with a product or within a space. But…

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