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Betty Kajajian

Betty Kajajian


Betty got a call one day saying that a lighting company was looking for a designer – she answered that call and never looked back. Ten years on and Betty now loves and appreciates the influence light can have on a space; how it can transform and empower.

Photography is another great love of Betty’s, as well as sweets (dessert being her main food group). She took a year out to study for an MA in Fine Art Photography and uses digital and analogue photographs, moving images and sound installations to create her work. This in turn feeds into her love of urban lighting interventions and basically anything immersive and interactive.

Being a photographer gives Betty real perspective on light and the power it can exude, how you can make something tangible out of a very intangible entity. As long as she’s energised with sugar, Betty’s creative juices flow and she is always looking to push boundaries, searching for unique, artistic lighting solutions, fitting them together like a jigsaw.

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