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Beatrice Rossi

Beatrice Rossi


Beatrice’s relationship with light started early on, and without her really knowing it. Since childhood she has loved photography, painting, engraving and aquaforte etching, all of which require a deep awareness of natural and artificial light, and how to capture and represent it.

Today Beatrice puts her artistic talents to use by drawing during the design process. It’s an intimate moment for her where she can discover the subject she’s working on. Drawing the architecture allows her to “feel” it and fix the perspective views in her mind and decide where to add more volume or shadow. Yet it’s not just the creative side of the job that gets Beatrice excited – any mention of a spreadsheet and she’s there.

When Beatrice isn’t gripped by a load and controls schedule in Excel, you’ll find her listening to her impressive collection of vintage vinyl whilst cooking for her mates. And if you’re nice to her, she might give you her mouth-watering recipe for béchamel sauce. 

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