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Akeanan Charupumarin

Akeanan Charupumarin


Akeanan had an inkling he would work in the design or architectural sector. Intrigued by how lighting can have the final say on whether a building, interior or landscape looks fab or drab, he settled somewhere in the middle as a lighting designer.

Having studied interior architecture and worked on a variety of landscape and exterior lighting projects, Akeanan has a solid grasp on the ability of light to encourage shape and form, be it an inside space or an outdoor sculpture. The most fulfilling part of his job is taking designs from concept to near reality by creating perspective renders – showcasing what’s to come.

His dream project to work on is extremely close to home – his own house. He’d design the whole thing, including, of course, an amazing lighting scheme. But by his own admission it could prove tricky because he’d be the designer and the client

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